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Majority of US Millennials Reject Capitalism

51% of millennials have an unfavorable opinion of capitalism, a revolutionary change for a country like the United States. Already, they are the largest group of eligible voters for the 2016 national elections, and their turnout will only improve in time.


Hillary and the Horizontals

Paul Krugman is up to his usual liberal shenanigans, this time giving a justification for identity politics, postulating that Hillary and Trump won their respective contests by focusing on inequality between groups as opposed to individuals. An excellent exemplar of unexamined ideology.


US Democrats want ‘major role’ for Bernie Sanders: Poll

A poll that indicates strong democratic support for Sanders running as an independent, being chosen as VP or otherwise getting a major role inside the party.


A Hello to Arms: A New Generation of Steely-Gazed Anarcho-Communists Head Off to Syria

An article about two American anarchists going to Rojava to fight in solidarity with the YPG.


Video about google rigging search suggestions for Clinton.


Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie

On how Democrats are reading Clinton’s victory as the end of a progressive rebellion and not the beginning.


How an obscure nonprofit in Washington protects tax havens for the rich

Ever wonder how it’s so easy for billionaires and corporations to stash money in panama and other places? This is how. Leave it to crypto anarcho-capitalists to use concepts like “tax competition” among countries to give the Bourgeoisie another break.


Cox: Slicing global trade with a GE carving knife

An oped on the wonders of free trade, which conveniently disregards that the money saved by using cheap labor goes to owners as much as customers, that the boost in corporate profits comes at the expense of workers.


U.S.-backed forces cut off all routes into IS-held Manbij: Syrian Observatory

The revolutionary forces of Rojava have just surrounded the ISIS stronghold of Manbij and have begun the battle for the city itself.


There Are More White Voters Than People Think. That’s Good News for Trump.

One of the finer points of this article was that it is likely not Hispanic support that put Obama over the top in 2012 but economic populism regarding the auto bailout and Romney’s plutocratic background among white voters. This may indicate that it will be whoever plays identity politics the most will be the looser between Hillary and Trump, since Trump still needs to retain what minority support Romney had and Hillary needs what white support Obama had in 2012.


Emails in Clinton probe dealt with planned drone strikes

Things aren’t boding well for Clinton in the email investigation, looks like there were emails about approving airstrikes in Pakistan on her server that were vital to national security.


Economic, political dividends from soccer look slim for France

France is doing everything it can to protect its image from any ill effects during the Euro soccer tournament despite ongoing strikes over proposed labor law changes, everything except yield to the will of the people that is.


The Fighting Tradition

Great article about how the Verizon workers strike might herald a return to militant tactics by unions.


Nobel Prize Economists Say Free Market Competition Rewards Deception and Manipulation

Who knew?!


Laid-Off Americans, Required to Zip Lips on Way Out, Grow Bolder

American workers are finally speaking out about shady practices involved in layoffs, despite dystopic legal agreements meant to gag them.


Podemos Rises in Polls Amid Anti-Austerity Fever in Spain

Podemos is leading a leftist coalition to new heights in Spanish politics, threatening to unseat the center left “”””””socialist””””” party.


Hardline Maoists torch 5 towers of telecom company in Nepal

In other news, Maoists still exist apparently.

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