November 2015


The Dysfunctional Left

More pertinent now than under any previous historical epoch of capitalism is the monolith of the system’s seeming invincibility. Scores of leftist theories have attempted to explain this in the wake of the Soviet Bloc’s…

An image of the lifecycle of a butterfly

I Fucking Hate “I fucking love science”

Anyone with a Facebook account is bound to have seen the endless tirade of pop-sci articles, shared by legions of likers all proclaiming their absolute devotion to the scientific cause. These sycophantic share-a-thons are filled…

Bust of Karl Marx in Frankfurt, Germany - Public Domain

What is “Dialectic” and Why Care?

[Alert: This article contains heavy irony] Amongst the left in general there is a type of intellectual disease, a plague of the mind, called “dialectics”. This disease is primarily an ailment suffered by “qualified” intellectuals…