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Update on US backed SDF forces. After taking the countryside around Raqqa they’ve turned their attention to Manbij a key city that would both cut off ISIS’s supply lines from Turkey, and also bring them closer to liberating almost the entire stretch of the Syrian-Turkish Border by linking up with Afrin Canton. Taking the city would be a massive blow to ISIS and an equally embarrassing blow to Turkish foreign policy, which while largely being in disarray since the start of the war has always maintained a strong opposition to the development of a Kurdish autonomous zone on its border. The US, it’s super-power ally, has essentially abandoned it for the leftist militia which has proved to be the only reliable force against ISIS in Syria.

On a related note, there are reports that the PYD, the party behind the YPG, will participate in the peace talks in Geneva with the Syrian Opposition and the Regime, despite strong Turkish opposition.

Chinese academics are sounding alarm bells about the decline of Marxist material being taught in school, urging for a 50/50 split between modern western economics and Marxist economics be reinstated. Considering the recent rise of neoliberal policies in Chinese government policy, their warnings are not unfounded.

The corporate media called the Democratic Nomination for Hillary Clinton even before the California Primary based on projections of how undemocratically chosen super delegates will vote. The fact that party insiders made Clinton the presumptive nominee will probably not bode well for the odds of Sanders supporters moving to her camp in the general election as it reveals the lengths to which the capitalist, neoliberal establishment will go to prevent any threat to its power.

Speaking of which, recent polling has shown that Sander’s advantage among all major sects of mainstream american politics (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) is responsible for his lead against Donald Trump in general election mashups. While many liberals will likely read the majority of these people also being white and male as a red flag for reactionary tendencies, it is more likely that it is a combination of budding class consciousness and a distrust of identity politics.

The IMF recently admitted that neo-liberalism has been a massive failure, and this article takes them to task for what was left unsaid.

An excellent article about how workers are battling the exploitation of the gig economy with co-operative enterprises.

Thousands come out to protest Japan’s Abe for his right wing foreign policy, undermining the world’s only pacifist state constitution by allowing their military to deploy overseas. Many of the protesters where elders who could remember the horrors of World War 2. While not mentioned in the article, Japan has a large and growing communist party that stands in opposition to these unconstitutional right wing policies and aims to protect the Japanese people from  the exceptionally exploitative corporate culture in their country. Currently, they have hopes to unseat Abe in the upcoming election by creating a united front of opposition and by momentarily putting its ambitions of ending its client relationship with the United States and disbanding its military in order to roll back the dangerous hawkish reforms.  We all at Bunkermag stand in solidarity with our Japanese comrades in their quest to make anime real.


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