Sanders for Leader

Bernie Sanders by Randy BayneBernie Sanders by Randy Bayne

Political revolution. That is what the Sander’s campaign has been about, even before it was about electing someone to the office of the President.

Even as the disappointing results have come in from California, this revolution doesn’t end with the presidential primaries. Sanders himself is determined to keep on campaigning, which I applaud him for, and which will likely earn him more concessions at the convention and even the nomination should the FBI decide to indict Clinton. I don’t want one of the few genuine leftist movements in recent memory to be hijacked once again by capitalist hegemony, neoliberalism, and endless platitudes. We have to mobilize the momentum he’s built up before it’s gone forever. No doubt, from the ashes of his campaign there will rise some shiny new organization aimed at mobilizing the grassroots. But what good is this mobilization if the people in Congress and on K Street prevent any meaningful change from coming to pass.

This is why I’m writing this now. Within our grasp we may have the means to formally end neoliberalism in the United States, and further reform our campaign finance system so that the capitalist class and their right wing allies will face more difficulty in swaying elected officials, opening the door for a real revolution.

We have to begin a massive campaign, independent of anything the official Sanders people do. We need to write to every elected official we can in overwhelming numbers, and stand in protest in DC and Philadelphia, but also all across the country. We need to tell Congress and the Democratic Party that the only way we’ll tolerate them is if they put one of our few allies in charge.

Which is why Sanders should be the next Democratic Party Leader in the Senate.

If Sanders himself were to suggest this he’d be labeled as absurd, which is why we have to demand it for him. The Hillary Campaign and the Democratic Party know they have to make concessions to Sanders supporters, what we have to do is make sure that whatever concessions they make are ones that give us real power to subvert the establishment.

The presidency is just one of the branches of government in the US. They are dependent on congress for what legislation gets passed. So if you don’t trust Hillary Clinton, and there are plenty of reasons not to, the only way to make sure that the Democrats in Congress stand for your principles is to put Bernie Sanders in charge. While the President may have large control over foreign policy, they are entirely dependent on Congress for domestic policy, and its here where progressives can start their work dismantling the status quo.

If you are progressive Democratic, this is exactly where you need Bernie to be to represent you. If you are an american Socialist, you should know that this is the only chance you have at the moment to hit back at the influence of capitalists and neoliberals in the Democratic Party.

Harry Reid has endorsed Chuck Schumer to replace him as Leader, a candidate with close ties to Wall Street and Hillary Clinton. Normally, there would be no contesting this race. But if we can convince the Democratic establishment that the only way Sanders supporters will line up behind Hillary is if Bernie is put in charge in the Senate, I believe they can be swayed.

Considering the disarray of the Republican party at the moment, the odds of the Democrats taking back the Senate are high but not certain. Sanders is already the Ranking Democrat on the Budget Committee, but he’ll need a Democratic majority in order to be made Chairman. To do this, Democrats have to win just four of the 24 Republican seats up for grabs this year and maintain the ten seats they have up.

Therefore, we have to advance on two fronts. Both, on lobbying as many elected officials and Senators to endorse Sanders for Leader, and on electing Democratic Senators to make sure that he at the very least becomes the Chairman of the Budget Committee, and furthermore, the Majority Leader. If you have to prioritize between these two fronts, focus on the first, the Senate Candidates will after all already be receiving massive support from the National and State parties.

Here is a list with the contact information for all US Senators. Only the Democratic ones are important in this case.

Here is a list of contact information for all Congressional Representatives in the House.

And look up other local officials whose endorsement for leader may make a difference.

Pressure from the grassroots will be necessary for any concession, and more pressure will likely produce better concessions. Remember, they need you more than you need them, what you have to do is remind them. They’ve been due for a reckoning a long while now.

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Victor Villanueva
Editor and writer for Bunker Magazine.

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  1. Dot Ludovici | June 12, 2016 at 9:26 am | Reply

    I don’t believe the Senate will go for this because they rely on the money being brought in from lobbyists and Bernie will be focusing on reform. Even though HRC has supposedly run (according to her campaign) on campaign finance reform I don’t believe she is actually for it. She is all talk to get elected.

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