A Defense: Why we (the anti-Germans) are pro-Israel


Most have seen the pictures. German leftists protesting with Antifa- and Israel-flags, sometimes even with the flags of the United States and the UK. What are these people thinking? What does “antifa” have to do with supporting Israel or the USA, both known to commit heinous crimes, often against left-wing movements? People have come up with all kinds of explanations for this and most prominently, German guilt. Those German leftists must feel so guilty for the holocaust their grandparents and great-grandparents have committed, that they have to compensate it by supporting Israel and Jews no matter what. They must be self-haters, and because they hate themselves, they chose to call themselves “Anti-Germans”. Others have claimed that they are the German version of the Neocons: Leftists turned conservative, abandoning the idea of a society free of oppression, of communism, and instead have converted to liberal ideas of the free market, of bourgeoisie states.

I don’t blame you for these explanation attempts. Likely not being a German native speaker, there’s no way you could have read the Bahamas, which is a tri-annual magazine formed in 1990 after the reunification of Germany, a magazine which eventually became the most important theoretical publication of the Anti-Germans and has 73 issues. You couldn’t have read the Jungle World, a weekly newspaper whose authors often simultaneously write for the Bahamas, which sells 11.000 copies each week – you can find a copy in most left-wing student apartments. There is more going for us than merely guilt.

With this essay, I want to defend us, the “Anti-Germans”, although explaining all of our ideas and beliefs, explaining even our name, is beyond the scope of this essay. However, what I want to show is that we do have a theoretical, materialist and communist basis on which we argue on.

Our solidarity with Israel – it’s more than just German guilt.

Today in the leftist movement we can observe a broad antizionist consensus. People such as Finkelstein or Chomsky, heavy critics of Israeli policy, are considered stars and heroes of the left-wing movement. BDS, which calls for the Boycott, Divest and Sanction of Israel due to its occupational policies and demands the unconditional right to return for all Palestinian refugees and their descendants and their descendants, which would destroy Israel by making Jews a minority, is increasingly popular and welcomed at left-wing events.

Even so, despite this overwhelmingly broad consensus among the left, I consider it a necessity for all honest leftists to support Israel’s right to exist – at least, temporarily; at least, as long as antisemitism is still extremely popular and widespread, as long as Hamas believes that Jews use Muslim blood to bake cake, as long as Abbas demands from “filthy Jews” to not enter the Al-Asqa Mosque, as long as Iran considers it its holy duty to destroy Israel by any means possible and hallucinates Israel to be a “tumor” on the Muslim ummah.

There are in general two theses I base my support for Israel on.

1. Antisemitism is an integral part of liberal-capitalist society and a constant danger for Jews, making self-defense by said Jews in the form of Israel a necessity

2. Zionism – Jewish nationalism – is Jewish emancipation which became necessary after assimilation into European or Arab societies failed  and ultimately ended in the holocaust; it is purely Jewish self-defense against European and Arab nationalism and even Jewish self-defense against capitalist society as a whole.

Antisemitsm – an inevitable consequence of false anticapitalism and false liberation movements

Antisemitism developed in Europe out of Christian antijudaism and resentments against Jews, but mere theological differences are far from enough to explain the extreme prevalence of antisemitism over the 2000 year old history of Jews in exile. What it doesn’t explain is specifically the unique nature of antisemitism and what differentiates antisemitism from all other known forms of racism (making me think that antisemitism is actually not a form of simple racism, but an entirely different beast): the conspiracy theories.

Official Christian doctrine used to be that Jews have forsaken their Messiah, that they had indeed killed him and had thus become one of the greatest sinners and as a result several myths emerged. The extremely widespread accusation of blood libel, the idea that Jews use Christian blood to bake matzos resulted in countless mobs forming against the supposed conspiracy; these mobs indeed committed countless of massacres, pogroms, fake-trials, torture and so on.

Of course, there is no actual blood libel practice in Judaism.

Another traditional conspiracy theory is that Jews were poisoning wells or that Jews are responsible for the plague. Both resulting in massacres, pogroms and attempts of annihilation.

But what does this have to do with capitalism?

To explain, there is one early example of “misguided anticapitalism,” even if there was no actual capitalism to speak of at the time, only a few aspects of it such as money lending. All of the Crusades were linked to huge massacres against Jews, and the rationalization, the reason for the violence wasn’t merely theological differences. Many of the Crusaders had indebted themselves to the Jews, which weren’t restricted in money lending as the Catholics were in the Middle Ages. They came to see it as their holy duty to annihilate the Jewish communities which they were indebted to, accusing them of being cursed, claiming that it was a duty for any Christian to take revenge for Christ by annihilating the Jewish communities.

There is a very specific reason that the economic motivation and incentive for the massacres, the indebtment to (Jewish or not) moneylenders or simply general poverty of the “People’s Crusaders” only lead to pogroms against Jews and not against rich, wealthy Christians, perhaps even nobles.

The Crusaders were rationalizing specific things: why is it that the Christian community (“us”, “we”, for the Crusaders, the community) was failing in the Middle East? Why are the Muslims gaining ground against the Byzantine Empire? Why are we poor, why are we indebted, why do we not have the money to conduct a Crusade and save Christendom? The rationalization is this: the foreign element, the ‘other’ is damaging our community, our whole; exploitation, poverty and failure is mistakenly personified (or to put it in Marxian terms, fetishized) as the foreign, strange element of society. This strange element in medieval Christian society was of course the Jews, the unbelievers; it was them that were conspiring against “us”, the Christians; ‘they’ were killing our children for their rituals, poisoning our wells, stealing our money with their interest, causing the plague and in general were at fault for everything bad by killing the Christ.

Fasting forward to modern times, in fully capitalist societies a similar phenomenon can be observed, but this time the “us” isn’t the Christian community anymore, the “us” is the national community, the common people, the 99%, the average Joe. Capitalism and liberal society make the construction of nation states a necessity in order to protect private property, to enable free enterprise, to enable equality before law and the rule of law, to implement a national school system that creates productive and educated workers, or to create representative democracy in order to allow a degree of participation – this national system inevitably creates a new “us,” a new exclusive community the individual believes oneself to be part of.

The result of the nationalism of liberal-bourgeoisie society, is, of course, antisemitism and similarly paranoid and violent conspiratorial ideologies. Again. Modern antisemitism which emerged during the 19th and 20th century produced a massive amount of polemics against Jews and Judaism. The word itself, “antisemitism” was coined by Wilhelm Marr, who wrote the book called The Way to Victory of Germanicism over Judaism in 1879. In this book Marr wanted to prove that the Germans, his ethnicity, and the foreign element – the Jews – were stuck into an endless evolutionary war and the semites as he called them were winning. He believed that after the emancipation of Jews, started by Napoleon’s conquests, it could be observed that the Jews were taking control of finance and industry. That if the Jews were winning this war, the Germans would be no more and would be doomed – and thus he founded the “League of Antisemites” which sought to prevent the destruction of the German race at the hands of the Jews. This paranoid, insane rambling, of course, reminds us strongly of Hitler himself, who believed in very similar ideas; but it also reminds us of the paranoid Christians and Crusaders who believed the Jews were conducting a general conspiracy against the Christians, killing their children, poisoning the wells, cooperating with the Muslims, and causing the plague.

Antisemitism is always the illusion that the collective is in the process of fighting a war of liberation against the Jews.

It is thus no surprise at all that Marr himself was an anarchist, a radical, revolutionary leftist whose antisemitism became obvious very early. He, the leftist antisemite, of course wanted to liberate the people from their oppression, from their exploitation. He wants to be free, he wants justice and equality for all, to redistribute the wealth which has been stolen by the rich. And through false, misguided anticapitalism which blames the whole system merely on the elites which are profiting from it, a fetishistic critique of capitalism that results from false consciousness, this misguided anticapitalism often ends up pointing to the Jews who are are over represented in banking, or at least hallucinates that they are. The next step is then blaming Jews for debt and interest, blaming them for the circulation sphere which supposedly exploits us more than anything else.

Misguided, false anticapitalism in the end often ends up at full antisemitism: In order to rationalize why exploitation is happening, why capitalism is happening they need the evil elites, the evil elites, of course, according to Marr were Jews which are racially predisposed to become the evil, corrupt capitalist elites. For the people to become free they had to get rid of the elites conspiring to keep them down, the elites, of course, are the Jews with their secret societies, with their lobbies, with their organizations, with their freemasonry. The antisemite has a hard time explaining the many conspiracies of “the elites” against “the people” without personifying said elites as “the Jews”, an enemy-race.

Another anarchist, another misguided anticapitalist was of course Pierre-Joseph Proudhon himself who coined the word “anarchism” and “property is theft.” He suggested that one of the main roots of evil was the banking system, debt and interest and suggested a system called Mutualism which would abolish interest and instead create public banks which would distribute interest-free loans for socialist cooperatives competing on a market. Of course, it is obvious to anyone with economic literacy that interest-free loans would lead to disaster, and Marx himself openly made fun of Proudhon in his book The Poverty of Philosophy which he wrote as an answer to Proudhon’s The System of Economic Contradictions, or The Philosophy of Poverty.

It is not a surprise that Proudhon was an extreme antisemite, demanding the expulsion or annihilation of Jews. It is likely that his hatred for Jews is partly the result of his fetishistic anticapitalist ideas which damned interest and banking, which the Jews were over represented in, his anticapitalist ideas that claimed the working class were pure and the elites, the capitalists, the bourgeoisie were corrupt and immoral; personifying and hallucinating said capitalists and exploiters as “the Jews” is what would become the main feature of all modern antisemitism. Proudhon didn’t understand that capital and working class is a social relation, as opposed to two different forms of human – one corrupt, one pure.

A proper critique of capitalism provided by Marx himself, who correctly pointed out that banking is an integral part of the economic system, posited that interest is exploitation like any other, that the Jewish banker is unfairly becoming rich from your work just as much as the German boss of an automobile factory. The abstract parts of capitalism, banking and trade, are just as much a normal part of capitalism as the German worker working in a factory. Associating the “foreign” Jews with the abstracts of banking and trade and the “us”, the Germans, with honest and good work is another important part of antisemitism. The Nazis themselves had to differentiate between “parasitic capital” and “working capital.” Guess which capital is Jewish and which German.

Proper critique of capitalism is radical critique of private property as a whole, of production of goods; to point out that the bourgeoisie are stuck in the process of capital accumulation just as much as the worker, that the market makes everyone attempt to accumulate capital. There is no ‘evil’ banker and ‘good’ industrialist. There is nobody specific causing all this, although some are profiting more than others. We all just do what is in our interest, we aren’t conspiring. There is only capitalism, which is defined as social relations between the property owner and the propertyless worker.

Being against capitalism doesn’t mean that you are against the 1%. That you are fighting for the 99%. Although the 1% is a direct result of capitalism, the 1% are not those that cause capitalism, they are profiting from it, but they are not the cause, they are not conspiring against the 99%. The reason for why the super rich 1% exists is private property and the free market itself. The reason the 1% exists is the force of capitalism. Your local bakery is just as much part of the system as Citigroup. False anticapitalists do not understand that and by blaming exploitation on “the elites,” “the banks,” the “1%” one paves the way for antisemtism which always and will always believe that Jews are conspiring to take over the world in the form of such tiny elites, in the form of banking or “The Fed.” And many false anticapitalists simply end up at antisemitism, such as Proudhon. Or the National-Socialists.

The rationalization as for why it was Jews that are hallucinated to be behind the “elites” is of course, either racial or religious, but it has to be pointed out that the racialization of Jews, the belief that Jews are a race of enemies opposed to the majority population is merely a side-phenomenon. Nobody thinks Muslims conspire against humanity using banks and interest. No one in America thought blacks are conspiring against humanity using freemasonry, blood libel and lobbying. Racialization is a side-effect of Jews being accused of being behind these conspiracies or behind the fetishized abstract capital.

As long as capitalism and liberal society exists, as long as this society inevitably creates nationalism and an exclusive “us” there will always be accusations against the hallucinated “other” that they must be behind the exploitation of the majority. The 1%. The globalist elites. Freemasons. These are rationalizations of the capitalist system: Instead of blaming the game, capitalism, they blame the players of the game that everyone is forced to play thanks to the totality of the market.

Auschwitz, of course, is the ultimate conclusion of antisemitism and misguided anticapitalism from which it results. The German national body –  in which the average worker merges with the bourgeoisie, in which the state official merges with the lumpenproletariat –  forms the German people’s community or Volksgemeinschaft which the Nazis – and by 1944, the vast majority of Germans hallucinated themselves to be part of – fought a war of extermination against the Jews and all of their subhuman henchmen (Bolsheviks, Slavs, Roma and Sinti, Americans).

I want to disprove some of the sadly extremely widespread myths or misunderstandings concerning the holocaust and the Nazi terror state in general. Often you hear:

“Okay, 6 million Jews died. But so did many Roma, even more per capita than Jews. Millions of Russians prisoners of war were dying, Hitler attempted to starve out Leningrad and kill all of its inhabitants. Hitler killed many more millions than the 6 million Jews. Why are the Jews special?”

Claiming this merely proves a complete misunderstanding of Nazi ideology. Hitler, in a famous speech, said that if Jews start another world war, it would mean the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe. Hitler didn’t claim that the Roma would start another world war. He didn’t even claim that the Russians would start another world war. The only people he and the Germans as a whole believed to be behind the world conspiracy that kept the Germans in “slavery” were the Jews. While the Roma were considered simple asocials and subhumans, Hitler only suggested to the Jews that even if they “realized the error of their ways” that the only thing that they can and should do is to kill themselves immediately, as he thought there would be absolutely no place for them in the new world. Der Stürmer, the main Nazi propaganda paper, had the subtitle “The Jews are our misfortune!” Not the Roma and Sinti are our misfortune, not that the socialists are our misfortune, not that the Bolsheviks were, not that the Polish were the misfortune – it was the Jews. And it was only the Jews. There are countless examples of the specific focus on the Jews by the Nazis.

The Polish, the Bolsheviks, the socialists, the Americans – they were considered subhumans not merely in their own right, but especially because the Germans believed they were cooperating with the enemy, of course the Jews. The Russians were supposed to be exterminated as Hitler believed that they were weak, mongols, idiotic because they let themselves be controlled by the Judeo-Bolsheviks. The Germany, which finally awoke and realized the destruction it faced at the hands of the global Jewish conspiracy, was ripe for world domination and its destiny to save the world from the Jews.

Deutschland erwache! (Germany awake!) was an extremely common slogan used by the Nazis and used even today by the völkisch nationalists which don’t even identify as Nazis. A highly similar fragment of ideology is the same: the idea that the German people’s community, the Volksgemeinschaft, is one body, and that the whole body is controlled, deceived, fighting against a foreign enemy. The Germans just need to wake up from their sleep, realize than in truth that “they” are occupied by the ZOG USA, that they are their puppet, that Jews flood their country with immigrants. Then, after they finally awake from their sleep can the Germans free themselves from their oppression, take back the wealth stolen by Judeo-anglosaxon capital, take back their country.

The Anti-German left movement, whose name is the result of being opposed to this very anti-materialist, German ideology of Volksgemeinschaft, of a people’s community that forms one body, of the 99% against the 1%, of the bourgeoisie, petit-bourgeoisie, proletariat which aren’t rationally struggling for their own interest, but are banding together against the exploiting banking and foreign elites, the 1% or simply – the Jews. This anti-German movement has for a very good reason adopted the term Deutschland verrecke! (Germany die!) – a complete rejection of the German Volksgemeinschaft and its ideology.

Auschwitz is the attempt by German ideology to liberate itself from exploitation, the ultimate end-stage of antisemitism. It is the ultimate conclusion of personifying Jews as exploiters, well-poisoners, Christ-killers, Bolsheviks, Marxists, enemies of the people, foreign elements and so on.

The principle of Auschwitz, the German ideology, was always incredibly popular abroad. Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian nationalists gladly adopted the idea that Jews have to be annihilated in order to finally allow said nationalists to live in peace and freedom.

And of course, said principle was exported to the Middle East – by Germans themselves. Arab nationalists were always admiring Hitler for “standing up” against the Anglo-American yoke, against imperialism and colonialism. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Nazi Haj Amin Al-Husseini himself was leading Muslim SS troops in Bosnia and was indeed a great friend of Hitler. King Farouk, impressed by Rommel’s troops, soon hired Nazis for the fight against the British. Nasser surrounded himself by countless Nazis and former Gestapo men which helped him torture Egyptian Jews and Communists. Noble Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat’s mentor was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. There is no doubt that the Grand Mufti encouraged Arafat to conduct countless of massacres against Jews worldwide.

An extremely popular and well-known export from Europe to the Middle East are of course the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which are common and widespread throughout the whole Middle East. The Hamas Charter itself of course is a pure antisemitic polemic, it blames the Jews for all sorts of events including the French Revolution, it believes Jews try to take over the world and has references to the Protocols of Zion. Hezbollah blamed 9/11 on the Zionists, claiming that Jews knew it was going to happen and were not present in the twin-towers when they crashed.

The greatest antisemitic threat comes from Iran, which evidently planned to build a nuclear bomb, whose Grand Ayatollah called Israel a “tumor.” In light of the inherent fascist and German nature of Iran, in which the ummah serves the same purpose as the German Volksgemeinschaft, bourgeoisie and worker, petit-bourgeoisie and lumpenproletariat merging together in the worldwide “Islamic ummah” the claim is easily understandable. In order to make said Islamic ummah real, the Jews, again, in the form of Israel are hallucinated to be the one preventing the Muslims unity. Israel is a tumor in the heart of the ummah, as long as it exists, there will be no ummah, there will be oppression of Muslims at the hands of the Zionists. In order to achieve harmony, freedom, tranquility – like the Nazis wanted to – the Jews, in the form of Israel need to go.

Of course, the attentive reader will claim: hey, there is a difference between Islamism and Arab nationalism! However, they are both united by the German ideology, the people’s community, which is either the Arab nation or the Islamic ummah. There is no difference made between the classes, there are no autonomous individuals, there is no emancipation: there is only the community. The nation. The ummah. Thus it is no surprise that the antisemitic Arab nationalist ideology can be easily used by the Islamists. For both of those the motto is “The Jews are our misfortune!” just like in Der Stürmer. For both of them, the realization of the community is only possibly through the complete elimination or subjugation of the hallucinated foreign element, the Jews. Hamas and Iran will never rest until the supremacy of Islam over Palestine is finally realized and the oppression by the colonialist-racists has finally ended and the Ba’ath party will never rest until the Arab nation can finally be reunited through the elimination of the foreign element, again, the Jews – Israel and their state. Fascist ideology is easily transferable, from the religious eliminatory antisemitism of the Crusades to the racialized antisemitism of the Nazis and of Marr; from the racial antisemitism (partly inspired by the Nazi connections) of the Arab Nationalists back to the religious antisemitism of Hamas.
Whenever communities are imagined and hallucinated, the enemies of said communities, the opposite of the community is imagined. For the German, the German bourgeoisie is fair, honest, productive as he is part of the community; the Jewish bourgeoisie is a parasite and exploiter, the foreign element. For the Palestinian antisemite the Syrian government which denies the Palestinian citizenship despite being born in the country isn’t too bad, since it too is Arab and Muslim – but the Jew? He is foreign. He is the opposite of one’s own community. He is evil.

Zionism as Jewish self-defense against nationalism and imagined communities

The founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, wrote his book, The Jewish State under the impression of the Dreyfus-Affair. He said: “If such a civilized society as the French one could blame all of its troubles on the Jew, how would a less civilized society deal with us?” The Germans would later answer that question for him.

From the very beginning, Zionism was a movement of defense against the emerging new nationalism of Europe and the antisemitism that came with it – hand-in-hand, necessarily, out of capitalism. 4 out of the 5 big Aliyahs before 1945 were a result of antisemitic pogroms, especially in Russia. After the death of Alexander II widespread pogroms could be noted in the 1880s of Russia, which undoubtedly influenced the founders of Zionism and made them believe that Jews absolutely had to defend themselves from attacks.

After Romania gained its full independence, its Jewish community, the 3rd largest in Europe, believed that finally they would be emancipated and gain citizenship rights. After such hopes were disappointed by the Romanian nationalists which were mostly extremely nationalist and didn’t consider the several hundred thousand Romanian Jews part of their nation, many decided to try their luck in Palestine, to finally emancipate themselves.

Meanwhile, in German Jewry, Zionism was fairly unpopular. After 1871, Jews became full citizens. The largest Jewish organisation of Germany called itself Organisation for German citizens of Jewish faith for good reasons. They saw themselves as Germans first, as full-fledged citizens and as Jews second. They denounced antisemitism while affirming their loyalty. Hundreds of thousands of Jews served in the German army during WW1, never imagining the idea of leaving the country for Palestine.

The Jewish immigrants indeed fairly bought land – not from the British or Ottoman masters, but from the Arab landowners, which mostly weren’t even based in Palestine itself – and built some modest settlements. Many Zionists at the beginning were socialists and secular, idealizing hard work and land. They felt they would emancipate Jews from their sorry state in Europe through finally buying land and working on it. However, even with the idealization of land and self-sufficiency, the Kibbutz movement was always only a tiny component of the Zionist movement, most Jews were living in cities which they themselves built, on land that itself was barely populated.

It is a horrible, untrue denunciation to characterize the Zionist movement as colonialism, to see the Jews as an agent of their British masters, that Jewish immigration is in any way a proxy of the colonial masters. While the Balfour declaration of course was important legitimacy of the Zionist movement, the British themselves didn’t feel like implementing it at all. It promised a Jewish homeland, but Churchill himself didn’t want Jews to become the majority in Palestine at any point. After 1933 and the triumph of the violent Volksgemeinschaft in Germany and later Europe, one could observe a huge amount of immigration to Palestine. Jews were literally fleeing their destruction, their annihilation, by immigrating to Palestine. To see these people as mere colonists that steal Palestinian land is an unfair denunciation. The majority of the Jewish population of Palestine in 1948 were just that – refugees, refugees that saved their lives by getting to Palestine. The British by 1939, fearing that they would anger their Arab subjects and thus undermine their rule in the area, imposed harsh restrictions on Jewish immigration, damning hundreds of thousands if not millions of Jews to their deaths. The named Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, in a sinister parallel to today, was glad about every single Jew drowning on the way to Palestine. The refugees were asked a common joke question at the time: “Are you a Zionist or from Germany?” showing that German Jewry was in no way fond of Zionism itself, and always hoped for assimilation and integration within German society, to become fully fledged members. The vast majority of Jews that hoped for assimilation and integration paid for their idealism with their lives.
The situation in 1948 was easy. The socialist world revolution, that many Jews thought would finally emancipate them and which would overcome nationalism and the antisemitism it cultivates, failed long ago. What could be observed is that most of the world was not ready for any socialist or communist liberation that would undoubtedly save the Jewish fate.

They lived in a world instead in which the planet was divided into competing nation states, in which the antisemitic ideology was widespread, and indeed spreading among the Arabs, as every Jew knew the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was himself a Nazi who would undoubtedly have dealt with the Jews in Palestine the same way Hitler did with the Jews in Europe. What the Jews at this point needed – absolutely needed – was self-defense. Self-defense against the nationalisms of earth, self-defense against the capitalist society that continuously generates the modern antisemitism that resulted in the holocaust. Millions of Jews in the world now needed a home, a place which would protect them from nationalism that so often made them out to be the enemy.

Never again would Jews be slaughtered as pigs: they needed protection.

And most of the world agreed. In 1947, the UN decided to finally create a Jewish state in Palestine. The absolutely necessary and obvious conclusion from the holocaust: Jewish self-protection, which is denied to them in every single nation state in the world. As long as the world is divided in nation states, all states in which Jews are not the majority would not be able nor willing to unconditionally protect Jews from any antisemitic outbreaks.

The Arabs, of course, disagreed. Why should the Jews be allowed to disrupt their national unity, the unity of the holy Arab nation? Why should they accept the foreign Jewish element, why should they accept the Jewish refugees whose lives were saved by fleeing to Palestine? Indeed, for them, the land was theirs and theirs only, their ancestors lived and died here, it is their blood that died on that land. German ideology already spread to the Arab world.

Just as Hamas considers it the duty of every single Palestinian to fight for the liberation of Palestine, for the liberation of the Palestinian ummah, the Palestinian collective – so did the Arabs believe it was the duty of each of them to prevent a Jewish state from forming in their midst. Proudly, the Grand Mufti, who already ordered the Hebron massacre which killed hundreds of Jews in 1929 announced that the Jews would finally be destroyed this time.

Through a miracle, the young Jewish state managed to fight off the Arabs, which were supported by British colonels. Czechoslovakian weapons managed to reach the Jewish forces with Soviet logistical help and the Jews were saved from the final destruction.

The Jewish state, the political entity that would finally allow Jews for the first time in history to protect themselves against outside attacks was born. It expanded in order to have defensible borders, which were essential for its continued survival as all of its neighbors tried to destroy it. About 700k Palestinians – about half of which left due to the Arab leaders telling them to, while the other half  left due to right-wing militias such as Irgun forcing them out and expelling them. The nakba as the creation of the Jewish state would be called from now on by the Palestinians was necessary for the continued existence of the political entity that protects Jews from nationalism and capitalist society, for the continued existence of Israel as both a Jewish and as a democratic state.

Shortly after, 800k Jews were expelled from Arab countries. They were made responsible for the humiliation of the Arab nations. They were the first victims of antisemitism the new Jewish state managed to save.

Of course, such was a tragedy, but why is the way to deal with this tragedy to not give the Palestinians citizenship in the Arab countries they fled to citizenship? Why is it that Arafat was killing Jews, some of which just survived the Holocaust, all over the world instead of trying to make peace with Israel? Why did the Arab nations try to destroy Israel’s existence four times instead of accepting that Jews needed a safe space for them, a refugee against the antisemitism in the world? Why can’t Palestinian self-determination happen in a state consisting of the 1967 borders, why can’t the 6 million Palestinian refugees settle in a Palestinian state of the 1967 borders, why does Israel have to die? Why is Israel more unnatural than other states, why is Israel called artificial when all states and nations are? Why is Israel more illegitimate than Poland, which expelled 10 million Germans, or Czechoslovakia, which expelled 4 million Germans?

Why do leftists demand exactly the same thing as outright Nazis, that Palestine belongs to the blood that died on it, to the Palestinians. Why do leftists hallucinate an all-powerful Jewish lobby that is the only reason Israel exists, and not the holocaust and the conclusions Jews and many others have taken from it. Why do leftists hallucinate Israel as the colonial outpost of the USA, while not concerning themselves with the reasons for why Israel has legitimacy for its inhabitants. Why do leftists hallucinate a genocide in Palestine after 2000 civilians died in the Gaza War and declare Israel a genocidal, racist state when Jordan (US-ally) itself killed 10k Palestinians, more than Israel ever did, and no one wanted to boycott them? Why do leftists equate Israel with the phenomenon that caused it to exist, fascism? Why is Israel an apartheid state with its 20% Arab citizens, when Arab deputies in the knesset, Arab army generals and Saudi-Arabia that exclude Shi’a Muslims from public life and try to deny their existence are not? When did anyone call the Syrian Arab Republic an apartheid state, even though millions of its Kurdish inhabitants were denied citizenship, denied access to property, denied their own language – let alone access to higher learning? Why is an ethnocentric nation for Jews fascist, even though there are good reasons for its ethnocentricy, but an ethnocentric nation for Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks, Czechs, Romanians, Bulgarians, Italians, Portugese, Finns, Croatians, Serbians, Greeks, Turks, Japanese, Koreans is not fascist?

Why do people think that Israel’s nuclear weapons are as much as a threat to world peace as Iran’s, even though Israel doesn’t threaten other nations with nukes, indeed, it didn’t even use them when its existence was threatened in 1973, while Iran threatens Israel and its existence daily and openly plans to destroy it? How is it possible that these two are put on the same level? Why is it not clear to people who the real aggressor is?

Because antisemitism.

All nationalism – including Zionism – has to be overcome. But the reason Zionism came into existence in the first place, the only reason Israel exists is because Jews from the 19th century on were massively threatened by European nationalism. Israel is at the same time a nationalist as well as anti-nationalist state. Jewish nationalism, Zionism is nothing more than self-defense. The existence of Israel is self-defense against nationalism that has targeted Jews for centuries, nationalism which continuously provides and generates the antisemitism which I have explained at great lengths.

The ultimate answer to antisemitism and Auschwitz is the abolition of class society, the overcoming of nationalism, the abolition of the societal forces that make antisemitism continuously possible. Since this isn’t possible at the moment, the next best things – a Jewish state, Jewish emancipation and Jewish self-defense are in order.
The proper answer to Zionism and Israel is not to destroy Israel, to doom Jews once again to face the psychotic antisemitism of Khamenei, Ahmadenijad, Hamas or Hezbollah. The answer to Israel and Zionism is communism – and no, not what Stalin, Mao & Co. did, but a classless, stateless society –  the emancipation of every single individual in a truly free society, fully liberated from hierarchy, force and domination; overcoming our liberal, capitalist society which makes our minds sick.

But at the same time, Israel and Zionism can only go if they are no longer needed to safeguard Jewish lives.

And thus:

Solidarity with Israel!


For communism!


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Theodor Luxemburg
A bit of an unorthodox left-communist. From Germany.

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    Anudda shoah? In my bunker?

  2. This article is idpol bullshit and does not belong on this site. For fucks sake, the guy just goes on and on about race and nationality!

  3. The author only makes one reference go Israel’s brutal, murderous history in Gaza, and even that in order to say “But look! The Jordanians are worse.” Fuck him, his bullshit piece, and all anti-deutsch reactionaries.

    • Theodor Luxemburg | November 12, 2015 at 2:28 pm | Reply

      Israel is a bourgeoise state that is threatened by multiple forces. Due to this it is highly brutal in its defense itself. I don’t deny the brutality of the Israel’s actions, however, but even that brutality does justify the abolishment of Israel as a state, for the reasons I mentioned.

  4. Bazyli Kronstadt | November 12, 2015 at 11:19 am | Reply

    Huh, and here I was about to write a PRO-Palestine and anti-Israel piece.

    I disagree with both of your notions; one, that antisemitism is widespread enough around the world to threaten the destruction of Judaism. It certainly exists, yes, but most widely and probably only socially prevalently in the Arab nations of the Middle East. Outside of there, for instance, in Europe or America, the Jews are at no threat of being wiped out and fascist Volksgemeinschaft is probably not liable to return at any time soon. The second, that Israel is a state organized SOLELY for self-defense. It is not, and I don’t think it ever was; since, clearly, the Jews had to organize that state in the first place, and what is the establishment of a state where there previously was not one but an establishment by force, especially a state for newly arrived people and in opposition to the native people. Not to mention that the establishment itself was carried out by foreign powers, like the US and UN, which is a form of settler colonialism. Indeed, at the end of the day, I would call Israel itself a manifestation of the Volksgemeinschaft just the same as the Arabs or Germany; this time not organized against the Jews, not projecting them as the 1%, as alienated from the 99%, the body of society, but organized for them, projecting them as the body of society, and organized against the native Arabs. There is as much religious and racially based hate going from the Jews to the Arabs as there is going from the Arabs to the Jews. To insist there is not is reductionist and denies a complete understanding of the situation; that Israel is not to be fetishized as solely a manifestation of self-defense, solely an escape from antisemitism that would CLEARLY (/s) otherwise destroy them all, and is indeed an imperialist state. We should not support imperialist states.

    Obligatory pictures of Israel in Gaza: http://imgur.com/a/gtc9T

    I think I will still make that article I have planned, but maybe in rebuttal to this one.

    • Theodor Luxemburg | November 12, 2015 at 2:40 pm | Reply

      >It certainly exists, yes, but most widely and probably only socially prevalently in the Arab nations of the Middle East.

      Jews are ten times more likely to experience hate crimes in Europe than Muslims are. Antisemitism is a thing everywhere, but even if it weren’t, the incredible amount of antisemitism in the Arab nations still are an issue. A very, very important issue. The fact that Jews are not threatened to be whiped out in Europe is not important. What is important that suggestions such as a binational state in Palestine or a Palestinian state are highly problematic as the high amount of antisemitism in Arab societies does not lead me to believe that Jews will live for much longer if they have to trust Palestinians not to kill them.

      >the Jews had to organize that state in the first place, and what is the establishment of a state where there previously was not one but an establishment by force, especially a state for newly arrived people and in opposition to the native people.

      The state itself is protection. Again. Their own state is the only thing Jews could have done to protect themselves. I.e., a Jewish state is the *only* thing that would unconditionally accept all Jews worldwide to find refugee there. Sure it was established by force, but the Soviet Union defended itself against the Nazis by force as well. So I don’t understand your point.

      The opposition to the native people was not the main point. 1947 was 2 years after 6 million Jews had perished. You really think they had anything else in mind but trying to create a place for whem where they would never be slaughtered?

      >Not to mention that the establishment itself was carried out by foreign powers, like the US and UN, which is a form of settler colonialism.

      The countries that were critical to the formation of Israel were Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union which provided them with weapons. Not the US. Not the UK, which fought on the side of the Arabs against Israel. The UN – kind of. But even the UN didn’t do anything except pass a resolution whose consequences were nothing. The UN didn’t send troops to defend the Israelis, the UN didn’t supply anyone. It was just a worthless paper.

      >There is as much religious and racially based hate going from the Jews to the Arabs as there is going from the Arabs to the Jews.

      There is zero empirical evidence of that. No one denies racism in Israeli society, but it is far from comparable to what happens in Palestinian media concerning Jews. There is a fuckton of documentation about crazy antisemitism among Palestinians, and plus, it is Palestinians that risk their lives just to kill another Jew, more often than not Haredi, which aren’t even Zionists. Not Israelis.

      > We should not support imperialist states.

      Every single state is imperialist. Every single one. This is what happens if states compete about which one manages to accumulate capital best. In fact it is false consciousness to see imperialism only in the USA and Israel, not everywhere.

      >that Israel is not to be fetishized as solely a manifestation of self-defense, solely an escape from antisemitism that would CLEARLY (/s) otherwise destroy them all, and is indeed an imperialist state.

      No one needs to support Israel’s imperialistic endeavors. My point is that the abolishment of Israel would very likely lead to massive disaster due to the nature of antisemitism. We can all criticize the Gaza war, the settlements and so on and so on.

  5. This is a disgrace, why it was even approved is beyond me, especially this early into publishing this magazine. You’re allowed to hold your own opinions but don’t you dare title it “Why WE are pro-Israel”, speak for yourself. We’re trying not to go too much into controversial Identity Politics and Nationalism early on, and tackle these issues subtly and slowly.

    Israel is an imperialist power, and we support sovereignty when it opposes imperialism, not when it enforces it.

    • Theodor Luxemburg | November 12, 2015 at 2:41 pm | Reply

      >You’re allowed to hold your own opinions but don’t you dare title it “Why WE are pro-Israel”, speak for yourself

      There’s a reason I added the foreword, I tried to say that I am speaking for the Anti-Germans and not for the side. There is also a forward that says this. The “we” in the title refers to anti-germans.

  6. This is a disgrace, why it was even approved is beyond me, especially this early into publishing this magazine. You’re allowed to hold your own opinions but don’t you dare title it “Why WE are pro-Israel”, speak for yourself. We’re trying not to go too much into controversial Identity Politics and Nationalism early on, and tackle these issues subtly and slowly.

    Israel is an imperialist power, and we support sovereignty when it opposes imperialism, not when it enforces it.

    To contradict what I said before though, maybe this is okay, retitle it and then republish it as “Why German Anti-FA stand with Israel”. Sorry for being a meanie :<

    • Theodor Luxemburg | November 12, 2015 at 2:45 pm | Reply

      >Israel is an imperialist power, and we support sovereignty when it opposes imperialism, not when it enforces it.

      All states are imperialistic. Angola, a former anti-imperialist country, is currently becoming a regional power in the region. Iran, a former anti-colonial power, currently has imperialistic adventures in Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, Lebanon.

  7. Honestly this is reactionary trash because not only is Israel treating the Palestinians no better then they treated by the Nazi’s but also when it comes to Israel’s foreign policy who are it’s biggest allies in the region. The US and the Saudi’s

    • Theodor Luxemburg | November 12, 2015 at 2:43 pm | Reply

      >Honestly this is reactionary trash because not only is Israel treating the Palestinians no better then they treated by the Nazi’s

      Please provide empirical evidence that Israel plans to annihilate every Palestinian ever when 20% of its population is Arab with almost full legal rights.

      >when it comes to Israel’s foreign policy who are it’s biggest allies in the region. The US and the Saudi’s

      Uhm, who cares? The US’ and the Saudi’s enemies are also reactionary trash more often than not.

      Israel only does whatever is in its own interest, if it is in the interest of

  8. >supporting Israel

    not even once

    what the fuck is this even doing on bunkermag? jesus christ get some editorial standards

  9. The outrage is delicious, you have hit them right in the ideology!

  10. Actually writing three pages of Zionist propaganda on a lefty website.

  11. Idpol shill, None of those things justify Israel as a state, especially being an apartheid bourgeois state!

  12. Richat Structure | April 11, 2016 at 1:39 pm | Reply

    Weak and biased article by a member of an oxymoronic (pun intended) crypto-fascist group posing as antifascists.

    A mishmash of far fetched theories put out by chronically guilt ridden self-hating millennial German grown up on Hollywood propaganda and a black and white worldview.

    Antideutsche are so deeply delusional about their concern for the poor Jewish nation that was so badly treaten throughout their entire existence that they must find an explanation for anything Jews do the same as the Fascists and the National Socialists.


    Genociding Palestinians? Damn it’s not fascism when Jews do it because Holocaust.

    Fascist Zionist Imperialist regime? It’s just self-defense, it’s not fascism when Jews do it because Holocaust.

    Rothschilds and the banking system owned by Jews financing terrorism? Don’t you see it, when banks are ruled by the Jews, it’s really true Communism and Communists must stand with capitalists because Holocaust.

    USA sponsored coups and imperialist tendencies? Well, USA defeated the ebul Germans so everything they do is correct, although it conflicts with everything Antifa movement stands for.

    Etc. etc. etc…

    It’s a subjective pampering for the Jews, a bizarre worldview based on a Hollywood movie script combined with a even weirder twist, given the fact that these cretins actually believe this paradoxal stuff.

    Bottom line is, to paraphrase dear Luxemburg and the entire Antideutsche movement:

    “Poor Jews suffered so much, so we must allow them to do everything they please!”

    If I didn’t know better, I would say the Antideutsche movement is just a master troll attempt. However, sadly, it’s not.

    Bunker magazine should remove this piss poor nonsense from their pages immediately.

  13. The anti-Germans are nothing but racist swine, against Germans, mirror images of the Nazi scum. F… every single of them all to hell. Long live humanity!

  14. , against Germans, mirror images of the Nazi scum. F… every single of them all to hell. Long live humanity!

    • Semites are anti-white. That’s where anti-semitism comes from. <k]ikes infest white countries and claim to be white, then jew people via the banking systems and every way they possibly can, then claim to be "oppressed" or "holocausted." No, we just don't want you jewing our countries and misrepresenting us.

  15. I get the part about Israel having a right to exist. But why should Germans NOT have that right? Out of eternal guilt?

  16. jewish Nazi loves israel. Big surprise.

  17. Your rationale falls apart in the first few sentences.

    You must either be pro-nationalist or antifa. You cannot hold both positions, differing as the group in-question changes. IF you want to be taken for anything but a nationalist shill.

    Being worried over the continued distinct existence of the Jewish people means that you will always advocate their nationalism in some form, whether it is through the cultural safeguards that assure that existence in the diaspora or in a formal state.

    If you care about their continued distinct existence then, so as not to be seen as a nationalist shill for one group, you must care about the continued distinct existence of all groups. That is consistent and thus morally defensible politics. If this is what you care about, then you are simply a nationalist, and not antifa, and should advocate for such policies. Each group should be assured either cultural or geopolitical safeguards to assure continuity of their distinct existence.

    If this is not what you believe, then you have no logical political, nor defensibly moral, platform from which to advocate for the continued distinct existence of the Jewish people. You should advocate for the eradication of their formal state as well as their racial and religious integration into surrounding peoples wherever they may find themselves. In other words, you should advocate that they apply antiracist principles to their culture and behavior.

    There is no politically nor morally defensible third option.

  18. Translation = Jews have a right to exist as a distinct people

    And Germans don’t have the right to exist as a distinct people.

    I have never seen an anti Jew movie made in Hollywood. Yet, most movies involving Germans make the whole German nation out to be evil and immoral. I see much more anti German and anti white sentiment in universities and the media than I see anti Jewish sentiment.

  19. I dont even know how you managed to convince yourself, let alone try to convince others…
    so Israel has a right to kill everyone? the Palestinians should leave their land to make way for Jews..
    I mean really you are promoting a people being superior over others… a nazi ideology
    how is that even extreme left.. sounds like classical right wing.. funded by israel probably

    • You’re right, Dami !

      And Jew, eternal wanderer, finaly found his piece of land to live after 2nd WW.
      But : guess what, surprise ? IsraHell was built on ARAB blood…
      No that i like arabs, i do live in France, btw.
      But, mind you, israel earned well hate from Arabs :
      this is terrible karma this two races are sharing.

      And they both DESERVE it !
      Go to…some alienated place, jews and arabs, and make hell for each other there, get out of the Earth 😉

      Mr Luxembourg, jewish most likely, do you know that Israhell WAS created mostly for keeping constant tension and chaos in thMiddle East ???
      For bloody occult “something” hidden under the 3rd Temple :
      this is the sick, hidden reason for ALL this Khazar crazy colonialism, behaving to arabs almost like Hitler did to the jews !

      Pls read David Icke : because you’ll never understood this from “normal” history…and of course NOT every onion stinking Moshe was bad : so many geniuses between these nation !
      But europeans got enough of you, many times in the history :
      anybody dares to claim that this was only “antisemitism” ?
      IT WASN’T.

      And Tora is deeply racist.
      Jewish believe in reicarnation, which is very old tradition, originaly from Vedic sacred scriptures and good :
      but do they know that for mercilessy slaying animals in slaughterhouses their next bodies could not be human ?


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