Beness Aijo: The Black Lenin

Ukraine army cuts off main road to Sloviansk by Sasha MaksymenkoUkraine army cuts off main road to Sloviansk by Sasha Maksymenko

LUHANSK (Littera Report)– With the war in the Donbass region of Ukraine a distant memory
in Western media, it’d be forgiven if one were to be surprised that it’s still raging on.

Being an American myself, the whole situation was one I never understood or even bothered to look
into, that is, until I found out about a peculiar fighter: Beness Aijo.

While there is a good amount of foreign sympathizers and mercenaries in the ranks of the pro-Kremlin
ranks, Beness really stands out as an Afro-Latvian.

His history, something I did not have the chance to ask about in our first interview is pretty movie
worthy from what I have pieced together: He was born to a Russian mother and Ugandan father during
1979 in the Latvian SSR, Studied Biology in the University of Latvia, Moved to the UK where he
worked in construction, studied Microbiology in the University of London, got involved with the
Korean Friendship Organization and protested with local Communist parties.

After all that he was in Gaza for a month, protesting against the West Bank and receiving medical
combat training. Later in Russia he joined a National Bolshevik party, The Other Russia’s congress and
was later arrested in Ukraine then deported back to the UK for charges of preparing for an armed coup,
banned from the country for three years.

Despite all this he attempted to sneak into Ukraine again, only to be detained at an airport then
subsequently beaten and tortured by the State Police. Since then, he’s been able to enter Ukraine in the disputed territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic, where he currently fights for.
The interview we had itself occurred months ago, April 19th to be exact and was pretty tense, to say the least.

I was able to track him down on VK (aka Vkontakte, Russia’s number one social networking website)
and introduced myself as a Black American who was wondering why he was fighting in the first place.
It took three messages to get him to reply to me.

From what I asked I found out Luhansk was hot, Ukraine’s PM was rubbish, there’s a few Africans
fighting on his side, racism is virtually non existent, he’s against Western aggression, knows nothing
about Pan Africanism, knows a little about Malcolm X, wants Americans to know that Ukraine is
bullying young sovereign republics, Black Americans should unite with Whites and Asians for leftism,
and when their side wins they’ll expand and nationalize Ukrainian corporations. He also has a thing
for Soviet music, Heavy metal and Russian pop.

Today after a month and a half, I asked how he was, and like clockwork I got a one-word response
twenty minutes later, “Good”.

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  1. Stan Przhegodsky | June 27, 2016 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    Disgusting russian propaganda.

    >”Later in Russia he joined a National Bolshevik party, The Other Russia’s congress ”

    Fascist organisations. Not welcome here on BunkerMag.

    • Short comment | August 14, 2016 at 4:26 pm | Reply

      I do find it kind of strange that a black person could join a Nat Bol party. Aren’t they supposed to be racist af?

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