Daily News Roundup 6/21


High anxiety: Americans among most tense people in the world, survey finds

A decade-long study shows a disturbing trend of anxiety levels among US citizens. Deep concerns of war and natural disasters continue to distress people across the country, the newly published survey has found.

Donald Trump orders 4,000 American soldiers to battle resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan

The Pentagon will send almost 4,000 additional American forces to Afghanistan, a Trump administration official has said, hoping to break a stalemate in a war that has now passed to a third U.S. commander in chief. The deployment will be the largest of American manpower under Donald Trump’s young presidency.

Republican Handel Wins Georgia House Election, GOP Keeps Seat

Republican Karen Handel defeated a well-funded opponent in a special election for a U.S. House seat in Georgia, a setback for Democrats who hoped President Donald Trump’s low approval ratings would help them win congressional races.

Grenfell Tower survivors will be rehoused in luxury Kensington Row flats

Residents left homeless by the Grenfell Tower disaster will be moved to 68 flats luxury flats in nearby Kensington Row, the government has announced.

Airport in Flint, Michigan evacuated after stabbing

The Bishop International Airport (FNT) in Flint, Michigan has been evacuated after a police officer was stabbed in the neck, local media report. The airport is closed until further notice.

READ: Independent group releases new report on Seth Rich murder investigation

DNC worker Seth Rich was murdered in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of D.C. 11 months ago and his killer is still on the loose.

Venezuela dares US to ‘send in marines’ amid crisis, threatens ‘crushing response’

Venezuela has lashed out at the US for trying to forge a plan to address its political crisis, daring Washington to “send in the marines” and threatening to meet troops with a “crushing response.”

Police release dashcam footage of Philando Castile shooting

Philando Castile, 32, was killed during a traffic stop in Minnesota last June. Officer Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter on Friday.

US gun laws: Colorado to arm teachers in classrooms

Teachers are being trained to carry guns in classrooms in Colorado in order to protect children as part of a scheme motivated by a school massacre in 2012.

Russian jet ‘flies 5ft from US spy plane’ over Baltic Sea

A Russian jet flew within 5ft (1.5m) of a US reconnaissance plane’s wing tip over the Baltic Sea on Monday, US officials say.

Day of Rage protests taking place to ‘bring down government’ following Grenfell Tower

A series of protests including a “Day of Rage” demonstration are due to take place in London to coincide with the Queen’s Speech aiming to give a voice to the “anger felt by millions across the country”.

Syrians fear new Raqqa turmoil once Islamic State is defeated

U.S.-backed forces are closing in on Islamic State in Raqqa, but local Syrians who have escaped the battlefield are worried about what comes after the fight.

Pamela Anderson offers Macron dinner so she can convince him to offer Assange asylum

Pamela Anderson has invited French President Emmanuel Macron to her vegan restaurant in Saint Tropez to persuade him to offer WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asylum in France.


Hawking: We need to go to other worlds, Earth becoming too small for us

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has warned yet again that humans should leave Earth and explore other planets to avoid doomsday.



Australia to resume anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria – defense chief

Australian warplanes will soon resume airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria, according to the country’s defense chief. Operations were suspended earlier this week, after a US fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane.



WikiLeaks disclosures on Iraq, Afghanistan did not damage US – report

Leaked US military files provided to WikiLeaks by Chelsea Manning did not significantly harm national security, according to a recently released Department of Defense secret report published by BuzzFeed.



Jon Ossoff’s Loss Should Be a Lesson to Corporate Democrats

It’s time to bury the Panera Bread strategy.

BBC pedophile exposé ignores real victims, triggers social-media firestorm

Although it is difficult to dispute the story’s central message that individuals who have a sexual attraction to children ‘need help,’ attempting to label pedophilia as a ‘sexual orientation’ crossed the red line for many readers.

You Can Encrypt Your Face

Facial recognition technology turns your face into code that can be archived and traded among strange and suspect parties. Its growing sophistication in the hands of law enforcement poses a particular threat to anonymous dissent. Civil rights groups are already forecasting a near future where police use of facial recognition to track protesters will discourage people from hitting the streets.

When AI Can Transcribe Everything

Tech companies are rapidly developing tools to save people from the drudgery of typing out conversations—and the impact could be profound.

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