Daily News Roundup 6/23


Shut Down Al-Jazeera, Isolate Iran: 13 Demands issued to Qatar to End Crisis

The Saudi-led alliance that’s cut off Qatar over its foreign policy and alleged support for Islamists has drawn up a list of 13 demands to end the three-week-old crisis in the Gulf. Below are the demands, as confirmed by a Gulf official involved in the process, some of which are followed by Qatar’s previously stated position on the issue. The four countries opposing Qatar are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Turkey scraps Darwin’s evolution theory from school curriculum

Turkey will only be teaching the theory of evolution to college students after deeming the subject too complicated for younger pupils.

Turkey has no intention of closing Qatar base despite Saudi ultimatum

Turkey has no intention of shutting down its brand new military base in Qatar, it said in a rejection of a demand about the small Gulf kingdom voiced by other Arab nations. Ankara says the base benefits the entire Gulf region.

US veteran & defense contractor charged with espionage, giving secrets to China

A former US government employee with top security clearances is charged with espionage after allegedly passing on top secret documents to a Chinese agent. The suspect said he considered his contacts to be working for a Chinese research organization.

The scariest WikiLeaks release yet? Files reveal how CIA infiltrates off-grid computers

In a batch of secret documents published online this week (22 June), whistleblowing website WikiLeaks detailed a complex maze of malware allegedly developed by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to help infiltrate “air-gapped” computers and networks.

Facebook touts anti-terror scheme but ‘refuses’ to give MI5 access to terrorists’ messages

Facebook, the largest social media company in the world, has been criticised by UK politicians after allegedly refusing to give British intelligence access to the Westminster terror attackers’ online communications while simultaneously pushing a new anti-extremism scheme.

Get the message? Telegram threatened with blocking by Russian media watchdog over non-compliance

Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor has threatened to block popular messaging app Telegram if its managing company doesn’t comply with Russian law and provide the necessary data for official registration.

Brexit: EU leaders says UK offer could ‘worsen situation’

European leaders have criticised the UK’s offer to EU nationals after Brexit – with one senior figure claiming it could “worsen the situation” for them.

Johnny Depp talks of Trump ‘assassination’

Actor Johnny Depp appeared to threaten US President Donald Trump during a speech at the Glastonbury Festival.

China’s authorities tighten noose around online video content

Beijing has shut down online video services of three popular Chinese media sites in a swift action that unleashed financial shockwaves and posed a firm warning to the country’s online video industry: clean up, or close down.

‘Pizzagate’ gunman sentenced to four years

A US man who opened fired in a Washington DC pizza restaurant because of an online conspiracy theory has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Charity’s ‘homeless VR experience’ sparks outrage as fundraiser fails to see reality

A fundraising event held in Sydney, Australia has sparked a social frenzy after a room of wealthy CEOs were pictured getting “a glimpse of the realities” of homelessness via virtual reality technology.

‘Still had my seatbelt on’: Police dashcam shows cop assaulting driver (VIDEO)

Harrowing footage of a drug task force officer drawing his gun and viciously attacking a motorist has been released by the ACLU of Minnesota.


Shining a light on the dark corners of the web

Cybercrime researcher Gianluca Stringhini explains how he studies hate speech and fake news on the underground network 4chan.

US retrieving weapons from Kurds after ISIS defeat in Raqqa is ‘fairytale’

The US is supplying arms to the Kurds in Syria for its own goals, says investigative journalist Rick Sterling. Thinking it will be able to recover those weapons once ISIS is defeated is a fairytale, adds writer Martin Jay.

Hired gun: Is war with Iran now inevitable under new Saudi crown prince?

Israel and Washington seem to have been instrumental in the rise of Riyadh’s new leader, a hot-headed young royal who leaves a trail of havoc behind him. But can they control him?

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