Daily News Roundup 6/28


Hillsborough Soccer Stadium Disaster: After 28 Years, 6 Former Officials Face Charges

Six former officials who oversaw the notorious Hillsborough Stadium disaster of 1989 — when nearly 100 fans were crushed to death — and its aftermath will face charges that range from manslaughter to official misconduct and obstructing justice, British prosecutors said Wednesday.

Venezuela crisis: Helicopter launches attack on Supreme Court

A helicopter has attacked Venezuela’s Supreme Court in what President Nicolás Maduro called a “terrorist” incident.

‘Pretty pathetic’: Bernie Sanders throws darts at investigators looking into his wife

Bernie Sanders had terse words for federal investigators looking into his wife as part of a fraud inquiry related to her tenure as president of a small Vermont liberal-arts college.

3 Chicago police officers indicted on conspiracy charges over Laquan McDonald shooting

Three Chicago police officers were indicted Tuesday on felony charges that they conspired to cover up the actions of a white police officer who shot and killed 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, and that the officers lied when they said the black teenager “aggressively” swung a knife at them and tried to get up from the ground still armed after he was shot.

NSA faces criticism as leaked cyberweapons fuel second global ransomware crisis

The National Security Agency (NSA), the world’s most powerful intelligence organisation, is facing mounting criticism in the wake of another global ransomware outbreak this week (27 June), with security experts concluding its recently-leaked exploits were used to fuel the attacks.

US to seek more security on international flights

The Homeland Security Department is set to announce new security measures Wednesday for international flights bound to the United States, which could lead to a lifting of a ban on laptops and other electronics from passenger cabins from certain airports.

Study finds pay for public college presidents up 5.3 percent

Presidents of U.S. public colleges and universities saw their earnings climb by 5.3 percent last year, with several of them topping $1 million, according to an annual survey.

GOP ‘Obamacare’ repeal teeters after Senate shelves vote

The Republican Party’s long-promised repeal of “Obamacare” stands in limbo after Senate GOP leaders, short of support, abruptly shelved a vote on legislation to fulfill the promise.

Facebook deletes 66,000 posts a week in anti-hate speech crackdown

Facebook said Tuesday that it deleted about 66,000 posts a week in the last two months as the social media giant cracks down on what it deems to be hate speech.

Minnesota father shot dead by pregnant girlfriend after YouTube stunt goes horribly wrong

A 22-year-old father has died after a YouTube stunt went horribly wrong when his pregnant girlfriend shot him with a .50 calibre handgun.


Who Stopped California’s Single-Payer Plan?

Will the last Californian turn off the emergency light when she leaves? The California Assembly just canceled any hope of delivering single-payer health care for the Golden State in 2017.

Another Global Cyberattack?

Computer systems across Europe may have been hit by another cyberattack Tuesday following reports of a breach that some experts bear similarities to last month’s coordinated global hack that spread across Europe and Asia.

US Copyright Office Wimps Out on Right to Repair

Report recognizes rationale for right to repair, via tweaks to existing rule-making procedures under existing copyright statutory framework.

How America’s Aircraft Carriers Could Become Obsolete

Modern missiles make them vulnerable. A $13 billion price tag makes them expensive. New technology may make them unnecessary.

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