The Fatal Attitude of the European Left on Refugees

Immigrants from North Africa in Sicily - Attrib Vito ManzariImmigrants from North Africa in Sicily - Attrib Vito Manzari

One of the biggest problems that the XXI Century has brought about has been that of refugees and immigration in general, spawned from war and crisis torn African and Middle East countries. It has been one of the most captivating arguments of recent time. Everyone has a position, an opinion, something to say. It has become a part of our daily lives.

For marxists, it has become crystal clear, thanks to this very debate,  how the so called “mainstream radical left” has deteriorated into the most nauseating form of social liberalism to date.

This finding stems from the fact that seemingly just a handful of parties have truly grasped the economic trap that unregulated immigration is.

First of all, let’s analyze what the most common strategy has been. The usual attitude of the mainstream left has been a “feelings over rationality” approach, preaching tolerance, love, comprehension, and other words that I thought would figure in my little cousin’s daily viewing of Barbie Fairytopia rather than a political debate. Basically, the idea is to promote the total opening of borders, legalization of clandestine migration, and total support for mass migration in the EU.

Of course, this is a purely emotional take on a problem that should be analyzed with much more caution, especially from a side that should be on the front lines in the struggle against exploitation. Facts have proven that, especially in countries which are the first targets of immigration, like Italy, Greece, Spain and so on, immigrants who can freely walk around in their hosting countries whilst being de facto illegal are subjected to horrible forms of exploitation, be it in industry, agriculture et similia. In Italy, last year, the news of a refugee from Eritrea found dead in a tomato field while working for €5/hr made national headlines, for example.

This is because illegal immigrants do not have appropriate documentation to be guaranteed labor rights. Contrary to popular belief amongst liberals, documentation is not necessarily an evil imposition or a violation of human rights.

So why has nobody taken action? Why has it become fascist to say that immigrants must be granted appropriate documentation as so that they can maintain their rights as workers?

This is probably because of the economic interests that are in play in the question. It has become more and more evident every day that someone profits from human suffering, such as that of the refugees. In fact, the Italian story is a perfect value of what Marx used to call “surplus labor”. Surplus labor is that labor from which a worker does not profit, for which he does not get paid.

It’s clear that the only ones who would want unregulated immigration are bourgeois politicians and laissez-faire capitalists, as to continue the circle of exploitation that has granted them so many privileges in the past and present. The European Left must strongly condemn any effort to reduce these refugees to cogs in the system, not by gently whining hippie idiocies in their fancy living rooms while sipping some 300-wine, but throughout the application of anti-capitalist theory and practice.

At the end of the day, the problem is still a different shade of that plague that has been decimating the progressive movement worldwide: a lack of contact with the class that so-called communists are supposed to represent. And it’s not surprising at all that workers prefer supporting far right nationalists rather than these posh liberals.

Abandoning marxists principles has been just the last nail in the coffin for the European Left. I wonder when they will realize it.


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  1. Bazyli Kronstadt | January 19, 2016 at 11:26 am | Reply

    So you didn’t clearly go over what you suggest in lieu of unchecked immigration. You mentioned making sure that immigrants have proper documentation, briefly. But does that mean that no immigrants whatsoever should be tolerated without it? What to do with those that are already living in the West that don’t have it? Surely we shouldn’t deport them back to the very conditions they’re fleeing from? And is there a limit on how many immigrants the West should accept, even with documentation? I just think you need more clarification on what exactly you think should change.

    I also wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the “emotional” arguments you attacked. Obviously we can’t and shouldn’t rely solely on them, and unchecked emotion at the cost of looking at issues from other angles is bad, but if the human factor, at the end of the day, isn’t the most important, I don’t know what is. People are suffering. That is the fact of the matter. How we address that is one thing, but that they are suffering is undeniable. So should they suffer back home or should they suffer slightly less in the West? For that matter, you mention immigration feeding capitalist exploitation. Is capitalist exploitation not a problem (possibly a bigger one) from where they’re coming from in the first place?

  2. > XXI Century

    Roman numerals? Are you a angling for work as a film copywriter or something? Otherwise a nicely written, well argued and down to earth piece.

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