Gulag of the Week: Missouri University Protesters


This Monday, November 9th, the President of the University of Missouri resigned under intense pressure from student protests, student-athletes, and faculty. The massive protest, which included one student on a hunger strike, a small tent village, a petition, and all “athletes of color” on the college’s football team going on strike, seems like a pretty big deal, or a rather large ruckus, wouldn’t it?

Certainly it was a pretty big deal to all those involved, including Marshall Allen, a member of the protest group Concerned Student 1950 (a reference to the first year black students were permitted to attend the college), as according to him: “This is just a beginning in dismantling systems of oppression in higher education, specifically the UM system.”

So what was the hullabaloo about?

On September 12, the President of the Missouri Students Association, Payton Head, posted on facebook about how he had been called a “Nigger” several times by some guys in a pickup truck. Later in October, members of the Legion of Black Collegians complained on Twitter about an inebriated peer stumbling into a rehearsal and calling people “Niggers.” Later still, a nazi symbol made out of feces was found in a school bathroom, most likely the work of a rather illustrative troll.

The Concerned Student 1950 group demanded, among other things, mandatory racial awareness training for the faculty, more black faculty, and that the President of the College resign and “acknowledge his white privilege.”

The outrage of convenience never ceases to amaze me when it comes to college, identitarian liberals. While certainly these things don’t necessarily make for a good learning environment for the black students at the University of Missouri, a couple of guys (who may or may not even go to the college) and a drunken student making offensive remarks is hardly the fault of the administration. They are also not things that oppress any of the students. They may be hurtful to some feelings, but the racism of a handful of individuals, who from these descriptions appear to have little power over society, will not prevent any of the students from using their college degrees to go on and try their damnedest to be counted among the bourgeoisie or petite bourgeoisie of our capitalist society. Granted, some may argue racism exists among their potential American employers, consciously or subconsciously, and this will prevent them from effectively participating in the economy.

But remember, these protests are just about “systems of oppression in higher education.”

So while workers all over the country were protesting and fighting for a minimum wage they could actually live on, the student protesters at MU wanted to have a man fired for daring to not stop someone from calling them a derogatory name.

In the Facebook post that started all this, Head spoke about the “importance of inclusion and respect,” the “right to feel safe,” and how the slurs indicated he was perceived as a “threat to society.” All of these things, as well as the emphasis on other oppressed minorities he included, have become running themes of modern liberal identity politics.

Indeed, the solutions to all this bigotry complained about by college activists is a “safe space,” where all hateful speech gets shut down, regardless of the 1st amendment and the free speech it seemingly advocates. Probably the most dramatic example of this safe space solution at MU came when a student reporter tried to take photographs of the tent city erected on campus – public land. The protesters confronted him, saying it was a no media allowed safe space, to which the reporter replied “This is the 1st Amendment that protects your right to stand here and mine! … The law protects both of us being here.” They then tried to push him out of the encampment and threatened to use force against another reporter.

After the University President resigned, it seemed that the protesters got one step closer to that ideal “safe space” with the university police asking students to report “hurtful speech” so the speaker can face discipline at the hands of the college.

Why do they want this as a solution anyway? What about hurtful language constitutes oppression?

For one, they are supported by an ideology (intersectional feminism) that firstly, breaks the world up into power structures based on physical characteristics such as race, gender, and sexuality, whereby the minority groups in these power structures are oppressed and being in the majority of the groups is equated to having power. One way they help justify this is by saying that any showing of racism or sexism et al. in a member of the majority’s language is a part of this oppression. This link is made by a conflation between physical threats of violence, which usually find their moral objection in how they might be precursors to someone actually being harmed, and an expression of bigotry. As Caitlin Wolper puts it in an op-ed about racism on campus, “Non-violent hate speech can leave one feeling just as vulnerable as physical threats…” thereby making the moral objection to physical threats based on how the threats make the target feel, and making any hateful language as oppressive as threats of actual violence. The word “microaggression,” popularized by this ideology, which can refer to virtually anything a member of the majority does, including speech, speaks volumes to this idea.

Indeed, this ideology does little more than to justify identity politics, and take the center of political power and rights away from the individual and give it to the group identity. Exactly as our tribal instincts would prefer, and how a liberal democracy or socialist society cannot effectively operate in. The ideology is just a vehicle to which they can use to give “rational” reasons for vying for power that they believe is lost to them by past inequalities, regardless of the fact that equality to individuals cannot be achieved this way.

After all, within groups there are hierarchies. And even if one group gets more power, the people at the top of the group hierarchy are the ones who benefit the most, and while those at the bottom might be a little better off, they are certainly not equal to those at the top. In this scenario, the protesting college students are at the top of the group hierarchy, while the blacks and other minorities who didn’t make it into college and are probably working those minimum wage jobs are at the bottom.

Those at the bottom are left to fend for themselves while also expected to have solidarity with those at the top because they happen to share the same group identity.

You might argue, though, that because they ideologically argue for the advancement of all minorities, that it’s not in fact identity politics. This ignores the reality of the situation. While it is advantageous for these groups to support each other in politics as it stands, and doing so provides a moral high ground, when push comes to shove the true nature of the politics is revealed. After all, a safe space protecting the feelings of one group cannot work for everyone. An anecdotal example includes how an Asian woman at Claremont McKenna College in California was shut down at an event for students advocating such a safe space for saying how she was harassed by a black man.

The Dean of Claremont McKenna College resigned under student protests about racial insensitivity earlier this week.

If these petty identity politics are allowed to continue to dominate colleges and the left, we may very well see the emergence of these safe spaces to protect the precious feelings of college students and the continued exploitation of everyone at the bottom of society’s hierarchy. Some social justice that is.

About the Author

Victor Villanueva
Editor and writer for Bunker Magazine.

7 Comments on "Gulag of the Week: Missouri University Protesters"

  1. Why do they deserve this? They demanded something and got it with the help of direct action. What the demand is shouldn’t be of our concern. They got their demands on school through solidarity and direct action, which is something we should support as leftists, regardless of their motive.

    • Victor Villanueva | November 14, 2015 at 12:47 pm | Reply

      We should support them just because of the tactics they used, and disregard the results and their motives? That’s an odd sentiment to have. Plenty of right wing groups use “solidarity and direct action” to get what they want.

      • I can read... Kinda | November 15, 2015 at 3:22 am | Reply

        Completely agree, Victor. Saying just because it was successful and they’re leftists we should support it, is more than absurd.

        Idiotic behavior and motives need to be called out on both sides, entirely regardless of which side you’re “fighting” for.

        Well written piece, I throughly enjoyed it.

        • Yeah, you don’t exactly score any points with the working class if you support whiny, idiotic students supported by their idiotic professors who are obviously quack-ademics. Just because Lasalle was a leftist doesn’t make him right about his retarded “iron law of wages” either.

      • You do realize that the new head of this university was an ex-business man, who was hired there to reform the school like a business? Deny healthcare coverage to student in grad school that were teaching. I love how most news outlets seemingly left that part out. Not only that, it was after the completely ignoring of their complaints that this direct action had started. Also, the white coach of the all black football team participated in their protest. I absolutely love how the University President is now seen as a complete angel, crucified by the idpol meanies. I don’t support the “are you a racist?” witchhunts, but when legitimate complaints get ignored (again, not saying that this is equivalent to 1950-60 race riots or lynching) along with treating your workers like garbage, it deserves direct action. It only goes to show when almost a large handful of people would criticize the “new left” instead of actually saying anything of depth.

  2. they aren’t leftists and they shouldn’t be supported
    these are the aborted byproducts of hyperindividualist liberalism

    • This, have I told you about our lord and savior Jesus Christ.. err I mean the book “From Prejudice to Power: The Rise of Racial Individualism” recently?

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  474. Kencing Nanah
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  484. Obat Kencing Nanah Untuk Pria Dan Wanita
  485. obat kutil kelamin di anus
  486. Obat Sipilis Terbaik
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  489. Autoapprove List
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  497. Obat Kencing Sakit Keluar Nanah
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  500. Obat Kencing Sakit Keluar Nanah
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  502. Kencing
  504. Sakit
  506. obat kutil kelamin alami denature
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  508. salep penghilang kutil kelamin
  509. Obat Kutil Vital Di Obat}
  510. cara mudah mengobati kutil kelamin
  511. Keluar
  512. menghilangkan kutil kelamin dengan cuka
  513. Nanah
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  547. Kencing Sakit Keluar Nanah Dan Kerap
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  549. Gejala
  550. Anonymous
  551. Warna Air Kencing Sakit Keluar Nanah Ginjal
  552. Gejala
  553. Sakit
  554. Kencing
  555. ciri ciri kencing nanah
  556. Sakit Kencing Kotor Keluar Nanah Ketika Hamil
  557. Kencing
  558. Nanah
  559. Penyebab
  560. Sakit
  561. Keluar
  562. kutil
  563. akuminata
  564. kelamin
  565. Keluar
  566. Kencing
  567. Nanah
  568. Sakit
  569. Kencing
  570. Lelaki
  571. Pertama
  572. Lobang
  573. kelamin
  574. apa sih kutil kelamin itu atau sakit kondiloma akuminata
  575. pd
  576. Kencing
  577. kondiloma
  578. Nanah
  579. kelamin
  580. berbahaya
  581. Obatnya
  582. Keluar
  583. Sakit
  584. Oleh
  585. Obatnya
  586. sakit
  587. Keluar
  588. hilang
  589. sakit
  590. Keluar
  591. Bawah
  592. Nanah
  593. Kencing
  594. Sakit
  595. akuminata
  596. kelamin
  597. atau
  598. Sakit
  599. Kencing
  600. Kenapa
  601. Kencing Selalu Sakit Keluar Nanah
  602. Saat
  603. Kencing
  604. Sakit
  605. Nanah
  606. proses
  607. atau
  608. kelamin
  609. kutil
  610. krim untuk kutil kelamin atau sakit kondiloma akuminata
  611. Untuk
  612. foto kutil kelamin wanita
  613. alat
  614. Terasa
  615. Sakit Waktu Kencing Keluar Nanah
  616. Keluar
  617. pada
  618. pada
  619. kutil
  620. Alami
  621. Sakit
  622. di
  623. kutil
  624. Mengobati
  625. kondiloma
  626. obat
  627. Sakit
  628. Yg
  629. kelamin
  630. Nanah
  631. Sakit
  632. obat
  633. akuminata
  634. obat daging tumbuh ANtara Vagina Dan Anus
  635. anus
  636. akuminata
  637. salep untuk kutil kelamin
  638. jual
  639. Keluar
  640. Sakit
  641. Hamil
  642. Kencing Sakit Keluar Nanah Bagi Lelaki
  643. Nanah
  644. Wanita
  645. Apa
  646. obat
  647. Putih
  648. Cairan
  649. Sakit
  650. Di
  651. Dan
  652. Nanah
  653. Sakit
  654. Kencing Sakit Keluar Nanah Gejala Hamil
  655. Untuk
  656. Kencing Sakit Keluar Nanah Habis Ml
  657. Manis
  658. Nanah
  659. Kencing Sakit Keluar Nanah Saat Hamil Muda
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  696. agen
  697. una
  698. tojo
  699. Kapur Sirih Untuk Obat Kutil Kelamin
  700. Obat Kutil Kelamin Yang Ada Di Apotik
  701. Obat Kutil Kelamin Bandung
  702. Obat Menyembuhkan Kutil Kelamin
  703. Obat Tradisional Kutil Kelamin
  704. Obat Kutil Kelamin Di Bandung
  705. gowa
  706. jual
  707. jengger
  708. jual
  709. k
  710. kelamin
  711. jengger
  712. di
  713. herbal
  714. kutil
  715. sakit
  716. makanan pantangan sakit kencing nanah
  717. kencing
  718. nanah
  719. apa
  720. kencing sakit keluar nanah seperti
  721. kencing berdarah keluar nanah gejala
  722. nanah
  723. keluar
  724. jual
  725. kelamin
  726. salep jengger ayam
  727. penyebab
  728. virus
  729. keluar
  730. hamil
  731. sakit
  732. kencing
  733. nanah
  734. jual
  735. pada
  736. sakit
  737. salep untuk kutil kelamin
  738. sakit
  739. kencing
  740. nanah
  741. ayam
  742. kecil
  743. nanah
  744. nanah
  745. penyakit
  746. jual
  747. obat kutil kelamin
  748. akuminata
  749. di
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  751. kuningan
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  754. sakit
  755. kelamin
  756. obat
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  758. warna
  759. pada
  760. laki
  761. sakit
  762. kutil
  763. di
  764. pencegahan kutil pada kelamin
  765. keluar
  766. pada
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  773. sakit
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  776. obat daging tumbuh di anus
  777. jadi
  778. sakit
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  783. keluar
  784. mengobati kencing yang sakit keluar
  785. obat fistula ani
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  787. sakit
  788. cara
  789. sakit
  790. keluar
  791. kencing sakit keluar nanah hamil
  792. salep untuk mengobati kutil kelamin
  793. tenggorokan
  794. keluar
  795. kencing nya sakit keluar nanah
  796. setelah
  797. kencing sakit tidak bernanah
  798. nanah
  799. obat
  800. kutil
  801. obat kencing nanah
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  803. kencing
  804. dokterobat kencing nanah resep dokter
  805. untuk
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  808. kencing nanah obat antibiotik
  809. obat apotik kencing nanah
  810. nanah
  811. oleh
  812. mengobati kencing nanah tanpa obat oleh
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  816. kencing
  817. cara menyembuhkan jengger ayam
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  819. obat
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  823. obat kutil di daerah anus
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  825. obat
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  830. kencing nanah laki laki
  831. jika
  832. obat ampuh jengger ayam
  833. kencing
  834. kencing nanah efek samping
  835. obatnya
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  837. ciri kutil di kelamin
  838. daging tumbuh di dalam anus
  839. obat kencing nanah jogja
  840. obat kencing nanah di jakarta
  841. kencing
  842. laki
  843. kencing nanah dan hiv
  844. nanah
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  846. gonorea
  847. lama
  848. jurnal
  849. kencing nanah pada anak laki
  850. nanah
  851. nanah
  852. kencing
  853. sembuh
  854. dan
  855. gonore
  856. dapat
  857. kencing nanah termasuk hiv
  858. kencing
  859. pada
  860. jamu
  861. penyebab
  862. nanah
  863. laki
  864. kenapa
  865. kencing
  866. kencing
  867. pada
  868. kencing
  869. di
  870. herbal
  871. wanita
  872. obat kutil kelamin yg paling ampuh
  873. nanah
  874. berbahaya
  875. cara menghilangkan jamur pada jengger ayam
  876. obat untuk kutil di kelamin
  877. penyakit virus hpv
  878. dan
  879. dan
  880. obat untuk menghilangkan jengger ayam
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  882. obat alami kondiloma akuminata
  883. kencing
  884. nanah
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  888. penyebabnya
  889. penyakit menular hpv
  890. obat kutil kemaluan
  891. nanah
  892. efek kencing nanah
  893. obat kencing nanah kimia farma oleh
  894. kencing
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  900. obat kencing nanah kaskus
  901. nanah
  902. obat herbal penyakit kelamin jengger ayam
  903. daging yang tumbuh di lubang anus
  904. obat kutil kelamin pria di apotik
  905. obat penyakit kutil pada kemaluan
  906. obat sipilis paling ampuh pada pria
  907. mengobati kutil kelamin pada pria
  908. nyeri di anus
  909. gejala kencing nanah dan obatnya
  910. artikel obat penyakit kondiloma
  911. tanda penyakit hpv
  912. mengobati kutil kemaluan
  913. obat kutil kelamin yang dijual di apotik
  914. obat jengger ayam di anus
  915. obat dokter penyakit jengger ayam
  916. pengobatan sipilis untuk pria
  917. merek dan nama obat antibiotik sipilis
  918. Obat Kelamin Gatal Dan Luka
  919. kencing
  920. antibiotik kencing nanah
  921. cara menyembuhkan kutil kelamin dengan bawang putih
  922. gambar penyakit hpv
  923. obat cina untuk mengobati kutil kelamin
  924. krim penghilang kutil kelamin
  925. obat penyakit kelamin gonore
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  946. www obat penyakit kelamin com
  947. cari obat penyakit kelamin
  950. obat berak darah di apotik
  951. pengoabatan penyakit wasir
  952. kencing nanah itu apa
  953. Raja
  954. kencing nanah kambuh lagi
  955. Apotek Natural Penyakit Gonore
  956. obat tradisional penyakit kelamin gonore
  957. pengobatan penyakit kelamin gonore
  958. obat penyakit kelamin laki
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  962. Obat Penyakit Gonore
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  964. obat obatan untuk penyakit kelamin
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  969. obat herbal amandel
  970. obat kutil kelamin
  971. daging
  972. tumbuh
  973. mengobati
  974. obat alami penyakit kelamin wanita
  975. obat untuk penyakit kelamin wanita
  976. obat sakit kelamin
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  978. obat antibiotik sakit kelamin
  979. obat buat sakit kelamin pria
  980. daging
  981. mengobati
  982. obat sakit gatal di kelamin
  983. obat sakit dalam kelamin
  984. singa
  985. obat sakit kulit di kelamin
  986. obat sakit kulit di kelamin
  987. obat sakit kelamin untuk wanita
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  991. obat iritasi pada alat kelamin
  992. nyeri diatas kemaluan pria
  993. nyeri diatas kemaluan pria
  994. obat anyang anyangan bagi ibu hamil
  995. obat anyang anyangan buat ibu hamil
  996. obat anyang anyangan kesehatan
  997. obat anyang anyangan keluar darah
  998. pandeglang
  999. obat anyang anyangan kencing
  1000. obat anyang anyangan medis
  1001. merk obat anyang anyangan
  1002. obatnya anyang anyangan
  1003. tumbuhan obat anyang anyangan
  1004. tanaman obat anyang anyangan
  1005. jual
  1006. Obat Kencing Nanah Ampuh
  1007. timur
  1008. nama obat anyang anyangan di apotik
  1009. obat anyang anyangan yang ada di apotik
  1010. kencing nanah obatnya apa di apotik
  1011. penyakit kencing keluar nanah dan darah
  1012. penyakit kencing keluar nanah gonorrhea
  1013. penyakit kencing keluar nanah dan
  1014. penyakit kencing keluar nanah dan
  1015. obat
  1016. Herbal
  1017. Klinik
  1018. Herbal
  1019. Sipilis
  1020. Klinik Obat Sipilis Herbal Denature
  1021. Sipilis
  1022. Herbal
  1023. Klinik Obat Sipilis Herbal Denature
  1024. Obat
  1025. Herbal
  1026. Sipilis
  1027. Klinik Obat Sipilis Herbal Denature
  1028. Herbal
  1029. Obat
  1030. Sipilis
  1031. Klinik Obat Sipilis Herbal Denature
  1032. Klinik
  1033. Klinik Obat Sipilis Herbal Denature
  1034. Klinik
  1035. Herbal
  1036. Obat
  1037. jual
  1038. jual obat kutil kelamin bungo
  1039. jual obat kutil kelamin sarolangun
  1040. obat
  1041. jual
  1042. kutil
  1043. papua
  1044. pengobatan kutil kelamin di pegunungan bintang
  1045. papua
  1046. Ciri - Ciri Sipilis
  1047. nusa
  1048. kutil
  1049. jual obat kutil kelamin alor
  1050. jual
  1051. kutil
  1052. kutil
  1053. bintang
  1054. kencing nanah
  1055. obat kencing nanah
  1056. papua
  1057. kelamin
  1058. Obat Sifilis Denature
  1059. obat kencing nanah pria
  1060. Obat kencing nanah pria
  1061. obat
  1062. jual
  1063. jual obat kutil kelamin yalimo
  1064. nanah
  1065. nanah
  1066. pengobatan kutil kelamin di supiori
  1067. kelamin
  1068. pengobatan
  1069. nyeri tulang anus
  1070. Klinik Herbal Denature
  1071. obat
  1072. nanah
  1073. bengkulu
  1074. obat alami untuk gejala ambeien
  1075. kencing
  1076. obat
  1077. nanah
  1078. jual obat kencing nanah sumba timur
  1079. timur
  1080. kencing
  1081. di
  1082. kelamin
  1083. Obat Wasir Atau Ambeien
  1084. obat
  1085. nanah
  1086. nanah
  1087. kutil
  1088. pengobatan
  1089. tambrauw
  1090. Obat Keputihan Bau Dan Gatal
  1091. jual obat kencing nanah senen
  1092. jual obat kencing nanah teluk wondama
  1093. kencing
  1094. jual
  1095. jual
  1096. kencing
  1097. nanah
  1098. kencing
  1099. agen
  1100. acuminata
  1101. 10
  1102. kondiloma akuminata adalah
  1103. obat wasir berdarah
  1104. sembuh
  1105. akuminata
  1106. akuminata
  1107. nanah
  1108. agen
  1109. nanah
  1110. obat daging tumbuh di vagina
  1111. akuminata
  1112. askep
  1113. obat kutil kelamin
  1114. agen obat kencing nanah bojonegoro
  1115. kencing
  1116. nanah
  1117. tumbuh
  1118. kelamin
  1119. obat daging tumbuh di alat kelamin
  1120. Obat Kemaluan Lecet
  1121. raya
  1122. nanah
  1123. agen
  1124. kencing
  1125. kencing
  1126. kencing

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