News From the Bunker: Weekly Roundup


This is a new series we’ll be trying out, a roundup of news all around the world about global capitalism and leftist politics.

Avita Chomsky takes neoliberalism to task for creating the pc culture of college campuses.

Speaking of which, the trend of neoliberal cuts in education and passing the costs to students and parents is continuing in California, with out of state students facing massive tuition hikes.

US backed forces based in Socialist Rojava, Syria are leading a fight to encircle ISIS’s capital of Raqqa.

Turkey’s new PM was sworn in, inching them closer to giving fascist President¬†Erdogan¬†¬†absolute control of the struggling state.

Verizon gave in to workers’ demands and is adding 1400 new jobs and giving workers a 10% pay raise.

France’s “”””””socialist””””” government is reversing neo-liberal policies and boosting public funding in an attempt to buy off protesters and workers.

Two articles indicating that China will be unable to transition to a consumer based economy.

An excellent article that shows how the transgender bathroom debate is distracting from fundamental problems in the infrastructure of our schools.

Dominos is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from its workers.

A crowd funding campaign to get much needed fertilizer to Rojava past the Turkish embargo.

A petition for the Green Party to formally add to its platform an anti-capitalist plank, advocating a cross between market socialism and communalism in its place. Supported by renowned Marxist Economist Richard D. Wolff.

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