Syria: Civilian Death Toll Rises After Alleged Russian Airstrike on Douma

Attrib: ReutersAttrib: Reuters

Videos and images have been released today following an alleged Russian airstrike on the Syrian city of Douma [1,2,3,4,5]. At least 11 citizens are rumored to be dead, with more wounded, according to multiple unconfirmed reports. [6,7]

If it was indeed Russia, this airstrike marks another in the chain of many attacks Russia has been carrying out in support of the Assad regime, and not the first to kill civilians — not by a longshot. Only last month, Russian airstrikes left 185 citizens dead, more than even ISIS killed last month (131), with over half being women and children, according to statistics published by the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights. Russian airstrikes last month additionally killed 243 Syrian rebels [8] from various factions within a period of 20 days, indicating more plainly than ever that Putin seems more concerned with killing any and all rebels as long as they threaten his ally, Assad, than focusing on one particular group. This is in continuation of Assad’s score of ordnance strikes, one of which was responsible for over 100 deaths last month, also in Douma. [9]

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4 Comments on "Syria: Civilian Death Toll Rises After Alleged Russian Airstrike on Douma"

  1. Ayyy lmao at those sources. Youtube videos, twitter and SOHR, an organization which consists of one guy who lives in London and shitposts all day(while being paid by British Intelligence). Seriously lad, you should have paid attention in school when you were learning about source criticism. Correct this article or scrap it, this is an embarrassment to journalism. So cliche for modern leftists to have no clue about geopolitics.
    You do realize this article is absolute garbage, don’t you?

    • Ah yes and that Al Jazeera article isn’t credible either because it cites “Agencies” as a source. That’s not a proper source, that’s just a cop out.

      Furthermore a little clarification on why youtube and twitter aren’t sources in those matters: The plural of “anecdote” isn’t “data”, and those videos and twitter posts prove nothing. In none of those videos you actually see what caused the damage and where all this shit is actually happening, and the twitter posts contradict themselves(some posts say it was Russian bombardment while another says it was a Syrian Arab Army bombardment).

      Ah yes and trying to score points with Marxists by calling the FSA(a group that was created, trained and armed by the US) “revolutionaries” is dishonest as fuck.

      Get your shit straight little ancom.

      a guy who actually checks sources (contrary to the pretentious author).

      • Bazyli Kronstadt | November 13, 2015 at 2:19 pm | Reply

        I edited the article for objectivity and replaced the Al Jazeera source. I don’t mind criticism, and when I got through all the hostility you had some decent suggestions.

        I haven’t removed the Syriahr sources, though, because I don’t think they’re unreasonable. You can go on about why you think they are, and if it turns out they really are, fine, I’ll further edit the article. I can tell you already don’t like it. But as of now, since I don’t have reason to think them unreliable, they’ll remain.

      • Bazyli Kronstadt | November 13, 2015 at 2:21 pm | Reply

        Side note, as well: I never mentioned the FSA and I don’t consider them revolutionaries. No idea where you got that from.

        I’m not an ancom.

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