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Sanders Supporters Seek Ways to Keep ‘Bernie’ Movement Alive

Leftists involved in the Sanders campaign meet to discuss ways to use the momentum the Senator’s presidential bid created towards a broader movement.

Sanders supporters practice convention protests

During that same summit, attendees practiced protest and civil disobedience tactics for the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Sanders collides with black lawmakers

The Congressional Black Caucus has come out to “vehemently” oppose Sander’s push to open up primaries and end the superdelegate system.

Why Did White Workers Leave the Democratic Party?

An excellent deconstruction of the history of race and worker movements in the United States going back to the antebellum period, showing how the popular liberal narrative that it was racist working class whites that destroyed the new deal is the product of pure ideology.

Green Party Moves Towards Declaring itself Eco-socialist

An update on the Green Party anti-capitalist amendment, which will be going to the national convention in Houston for a final vote after being overwhelmingly approved by the National Committee. Worth reading just for the quote by the national co-chair of the party.

Islamic State launches counter-attacks on U.S.-backed forces, Syrian army

ISIS has launched a counter-attack on the SDF surrounding Manbij, but it was repelled without them loosing major ground. They also launched a counter attack on Regime fources to the south, which lost most of the ground it had won in the past two weeks.

How Investors Are Turning Cash-Strapped College Students into ‘Human Capital’

Article about how students are being turned into human capital on a market by college lenders.

Big men on campus: The Koch brothers’ university donations are a veiled political weapon

The Koch brothers are stripping colleges of public funding by buying legislators and replacing it with their own, taking over the education of the next generation to further fetishize the ”””free market”””’, and also to commission university studies that back their broader legistlative agenda.

The War on Workers’ Comp

How neoliberal states have been chipping away at worker’s compensation laws to the point that many injured workers are not entering into the compensation system and average compensation is now only 21% of the lost wages and medical costs. An excellent, in depth piece.

Is the U.S. fight over fiduciary rule really about the little guy?

The US Chamber of Commerce is fighting tooth and nail to prevent those in the financial industry from being forced to work in the best interest of clients with retirement accounts, using any and all capitalist ideology it can throw at people.

Mexican Police Kill 9 in Clashes with Striking Oaxaca Teachers

Police arrested kill 9 and arrest 21 striking teachers who were fighting back against neoliberal educational reforms in Southern Mexico.

Marxist economist makes bid for power in Spain

New polls show Alberto Garzón is the most popular politician in Spain, a Marxist Economist who’s the head of the party Izquierda Unida, or Left United.


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